Batterjee Factory for Basic Plastic Materials Co.

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Sheikh Mohammed Ibrahim Batterjee (Late)


Sheikh Mohammed Ibrahim Batterjee (Late), the founder of Batterjee Holding Company, was born in Jeddah in the year 1929. During his childhood, he was studying as well as helping his father in their family business. After he finished his primary schooling in Al-Falah school in Jeddah, the young, yet determined Batterjee flew from Jeddah to Luxor, and then to Cairo to complete his schooling in Egypt, where he spent a number of years, learning and building relationships that helped immensely in the future. Following his high school, he flew again from Jeddah, Luxor, Cairo, Malta, Paris and finally he reached London. In London he received his BSc and came back to Jeddah to help manage and develop the growing family business.

Young Mohamed Batterjee in the 50s in Batterjee National Pharmacies in Bab Makkah, Jeddah. Coming back from his studies in London, he was wearing his western clothes while working two shifts in the pharmacy, meeting patients, doctors and sometimes representative of multinational companies.

This trust in his name and company, made a brand of the BATTERJEE name, which has been highly recognized since then.


Batterjee Plastic Factory our mission is to manufacture with highly specialized expertise in manufacturing polymer optical components. We work closely with our customer’s product development teams to ensure a full understanding of their requirements.

Our vertically integrated approach to providing polymer optic component solutions includes in-house capabilities in design for manufacturability, diamond turned prototyping, tool making, plastic injection molding, thin film deposition coating, assembly, CNC machined optics, and state of the art optical metrology. This process helps us offer value engineered solutions that meet budget requirements and reduce the time from concept to production.


We will be the go-to polymer optics manufacturer by continuing to invest in Technology and developing innovative solutions, enabling expansion into new market segments and broadening our capabilities.


SAUDENE is a polyethylene powder ideal for rotational moulding applications. This compound is characterized by excellent rigidity and durability that lasts for many years without loosing its original shape. It is an excellent grade for any type of plastic packaging products especially bins and pressure tanks with a volume capacity up to 10,000 litres and more. Saudene can be produced with different stable colours on a glossy or matt finish for all rotational moulding applications. This compounds are UV stabilized for outdoor applications and designed to be suitable for weather conditions in areas around the world.

POLYETHYLENE is derived from either modifying natural gas (a methane, ethane, propane mix) or from the catalytic cracking of crude oil into gasoline. In a highly purified form, it is piped directly from the refinery to a separate polymerisation plant. Here, under the right conditions of temperature, pressure and catalysis, the double bond of the ethylene monomer opens up and many monomers link up to form long chains. In commercial polyethylene, the number of monomer repeat units ranges from 1000 to 10 000 (molecular weight ranges from 28 000 to 280 000).